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Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, located in the Valley of Springs in north the of Israel, is a religious kibbutz. We are the pioneers of commercial organic farming and biological pest control in Israel.


The Bio-Tour visitor center was established to show visitors the special way of life we have chosen to live on Sde Eliyahu, as well as the importance of preserving nature and the environment.


We invite you to join us on a tour and learn about a variety of topics:


Kibbutz life: What does it mean to live on a communal religious kibbutz. Sde Eliyahu, founded in 1939, has a lot of history!


Organic farming: We will go out to our organic vegetable field, see and sense the beautiful expanses, and (in season) taste something straight from the field. Here you will learn about how we started organic farming in Israel, what makes organic farming "organic", and the importance of such methods to our health and environment.


The Barn Owl nesting boxes: A unique housing project and a natural solution for controlling the rodent population.


Date orchards: What is unique about these trees? How are they grown? How do donkeys help us control the weeds?


BIOBEE the first biological pest control facility in Israel, and a world leader in its field. See live samples of beneficial insects and bumblebees, which are used for pollination.


To make your experience complete, we also offer a variety of workshop activities (at an additional cost).


You can also begin or complete your tour with snacks and drinks at our coffee shop, Cafe' B'Sadeh, or enjoy a meat lunch in our kibbutz dining room.


On the premises is a shop, with Sde Eliyahu's produce for sale, as well as other natural and organic products.


We are open all year round (except on Saturdays and Jewish holidays). advance registration is required.


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